Ipower VS Vivosun: What Is The Best HPS Grow Light for Cannabis?

For cannabis strain, not all strains are suitable for growing outdoors. Many strain can only grow in the strongest way when grown indoors, so they need a device that provides a suitable light source.

The HPS grow light is an extremely effective device when it can create powerful light sources for plant growth. It acts as sunlight providing enough lumens for cannabis when grown indoors.

Currently, there are many HPS grow lights on the market and this is also the reason why growers can hardly choose the best one.

That’s why we will help you by comparing the two most popular HPS grow lights now, products from Ipower and Vivosun. From there choose the best candidate for the best HPS grow light for cannabis.

#1 Wattage

The HPS grow light from Ipower has a capacity of 400W and comes with a color temperature of 2100K. This capacity is enough for photosynthesis to plant and produce the most optimal light spectrum to support the development of seeds and plants.

The HPS grow light from Vivosun has a more powerful wattage of up to 600W. It can confidently provide enough of the spectrum that promotes growth of key stages of cannabis.

#2 Reflector style

The reflector style of the HPS grow light from Ipower is the wing reflector. This product does not produce refraction and is capable of providing the best coverage for growing space.

With this device, you can also customize the ballast according to the cannabis strain.

And the the reflector style of Vivosun HPS grow light is air cooled reflector. This reflector can ensure the cannabis stain receives all the light needed for growth.

However, you should remember to remove the blue protective plastic so that the device can best reflect the light.

#3 Budget

In this category, Ipower is cheaper than Vivosun HPS grow light. You only have to invest about $ 120 for an Ipower HPS grow light. In comparison, you need about $ 160 to own a Vivosun HPS grow light.

However, for $ 160, you will receive more than one HPS grow light. It comes with a number of other tools and a long-term warranty.

Final Verdict

Through some of the above criteria, we will choose Vivosun HPS grow light as the best device for cannabis. However, if you have a limited budget, Ipower’s product will be an ideal choice.

What size pump should you need for your hydroponic system?

Hydroponic gardening has a lot of advantages in growing your favorite plants. Whatever season or weather, hydroponic gardening can make your seasonal plant to grow perfectly. However, there are several different specific types of equipment that are needed for hydroponic gardening. Choose the best water pump is one of the things to consider in using hydroponic method of gardening.

The hydroponic pump size matters in deciding for hydroponic gardening because it will depend on how big of a size your garden will be. With that said, you need to determine the volume and the height of your hydroponics. The volume can be calculated by how much water do you want to put in your hydroponic system. Even if you are going to use many growing chambers, you can calculate the volume by multiplying the water volume to the number of growing chamber you are going to use.

The head height of the growing chamber is as important as the volume of the water needed in the hydroponic system. The head height is the altitude between the pump and the system. If the head height required is different from head height designed then the delivered water will be insufficient. There are also variables such as head loss that needs to be considered in the desired height of the hydroponic system.

There are several manufacturers that offers a wide range of pump sizes for different gallons per hour requirements. Usually on some pumps, the maximum head height determines the level of water with the highest pump pressure. For example, the head height is 6.89 feet(the given highest altitude) above the ground, the pressure will be zero as it doesn’t need to lift any water.

Types of pumps that can be used for different sizes of hydroponic systems

#1 Submersible pumps

The recommended type of pump for small hydroponic systems are the submersible pumps. It is less expensive and easy to use. This type of pump doesn’t also require pump fittings and leaks are unusual. Submersible pumps are also the hottest pumps in the market nowadays for small growers.

#2 Inline pump

For larger hydroponic systems, the recommended pump is the inline water pump. It is more powerful than the submersible pump. This type of pump is also recommended for places that are to hot or if the plants’ roots are always submerged in water.

(There are some feedbacks from other growers that a simple hydroponic for window farm can consist of an aquarium pump for hydroponics. This type of system worked and was able to pump water with high window heights.)

Some of the best hydroponic pumps that are available in the market

#1 Hydrofarm Active Aqua Submersible Water Pump, 400 GPH

This pump has a recommended capacity of 40 gallons. The maximum pump pressure of this model is 400 gallons per hour at 0 feet and 100 gallons per hour at 6 feet. This pump has an adjustable flow and can be used both in freshwater and saltwater. This was well introduced in the market to many hydroponic growers but it can also be used in aquaponics and aquariums.

#2 EcoPlus 396 GPH (1500 LPH, 20W) Submersible Water Pump

This water pump has a recommended capacity of 40 gallons. The maximum head height of this pump is at 6.5 feet. However this system doesn’t offer an adjustable flow. This is labeled as a powerful oil-free pump that works well with both hydroponics for fountains and ponds.