Hello Wine Enthusiasts!

Hello everyone out in the blogosphere! I’ll give you a bit of background. My name is Rob (Roberto) and I was born in Portugal – hence the name of the website; don’t be fooled though, I’ll be discussing a variety of wine-related topics and wines from all over the world! I am 28 years old and consider myself a major wino. I love drinking it, I love talking about, I love writing about it. I consider myself to be more in the know than the average wine drinker, but am in no way a connoisseur  (yet!) I have attended wine events, done numerous courses and have made wine my greatest passion. I don’t know everything about wine and I don’t pretend to; I simply enjoy wine and the industry. I hope you all enjoy my posts, feel free to leave  comments, as long as they are complimentary (just kidding!)

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