A Short History on Portuguese Wines

The origins of Portuguese wine date back to 2000 BC when vines were planted in the Tagus and Sado Valleys. During this phase, Portuguese wines mainly came from the Southern Coastal regions of the country.  Later down the track, ancient civilizations such as the Romans spread the vineyards to the Northern parts of the Portugal. Portugal began exporting its wines to Rome.; and then eventually to England after 1703. The Methuen Treaty made Portuguese wines preferable in the British wine market over French wines.

In 1756, wine varietal, Port, became all the trend, and Sebastiao Jose Carvalho e Melo established boundaries and regulations for the production of Port in Douro. Since then, Portugal has been known as one of the greatest producers of Port in the world.

Centuries later, once Portugal had joined the European Union, the motionless wine industry was revived once again in the form of grants and other financing.

That’s all for now folks, that is my very summarised version of the history of wine from my great homeland, Portugal. Hope you learnt something!