Ipower VS Vivosun: What Is The Best HPS Grow Light for Cannabis?

For cannabis strain, not all strains are suitable for growing outdoors. Many strain can only grow in the strongest way when grown indoors, so they need a device that provides a suitable light source.

The HPS grow light is an extremely effective device when it can create powerful light sources for plant growth. It acts as sunlight providing enough lumens for cannabis when grown indoors.

Currently, there are many HPS grow lights on the market and this is also the reason why growers can hardly choose the best one.

That’s why we will help you by comparing the two most popular HPS grow lights now, products from Ipower and Vivosun. From there choose the best candidate for the best HPS grow light for cannabis.

#1 Wattage

The HPS grow light from Ipower has a capacity of 400W and comes with a color temperature of 2100K. This capacity is enough for photosynthesis to plant and produce the most optimal light spectrum to support the development of seeds and plants.

The HPS grow light from Vivosun has a more powerful wattage of up to 600W. It can confidently provide enough of the spectrum that promotes growth of key stages of cannabis.

#2 Reflector style

The reflector style of the HPS grow light from Ipower is the wing reflector. This product does not produce refraction and is capable of providing the best coverage for growing space.

With this device, you can also customize the ballast according to the cannabis strain.

And the the reflector style of Vivosun HPS grow light is air cooled reflector. This reflector can ensure the cannabis stain receives all the light needed for growth.

However, you should remember to remove the blue protective plastic so that the device can best reflect the light.

#3 Budget

In this category, Ipower is cheaper than Vivosun HPS grow light. You only have to invest about $ 120 for an Ipower HPS grow light. In comparison, you need about $ 160 to own a Vivosun HPS grow light.

However, for $ 160, you will receive more than one HPS grow light. It comes with a number of other tools and a long-term warranty.

Final Verdict

Through some of the above criteria, we will choose Vivosun HPS grow light as the best device for cannabis. However, if you have a limited budget, Ipower’s product will be an ideal choice.